Club Seminars

The Corn Belt Carving Club has had many, many seminars taught by professional carvers over the years.  This is just an example of a few of those seminars.

Floyd Rhadigan

cornbelt Carving Club hosted Floyd Rhadigan, well known caricature carver for a 3 day work shop.

Floyd Rhadigan

Floyd came to Bloomington/Normal in the spring of 2016 and again in 2017. He puts on a great seminar. He brings a huge selection of carving blanks as well as all of the paint and brushes needed to complete the projects.  Floyd works with each individual carver and helps you along the course of the project.  He will demonstrate on your carving or just explain what needs to be done step by step to complete the project.  Your choice.  

We really enjoy the classes with Floyd and we hope to have him back.

Visit Floyd's website for more information and be sure and check on the PDF files he has of his carving blanks (as well as finished carvings) he has for sale.  He has quite a selection.

Click on Floyd's picture to the left to see more information on our seminar with Floyd.

Jeff Phares

Jeff is an accomplished woodcarver and has written several books on the art of carving.  Visit his Facebook page for information on Jeff.

Click Jeff's Picture for examples of some seminars we've had with Jeff as a club.

Kirt Curtis and Linda Langenberg

Kirt and Linda

Kirt and Linda

Kirt and Linda always put on a great seminar and we always have a beautiful finished product at the end of class.

Click on the picture above for examples of classes our club has had with Kirt and Linda.

Phil and Vicki Bishop

Phil and Vicki

Phil and Vicki Bishop

Phil and Vicki no longer teach classes but they still sell roughouts and finished carvings.  Visit the link below for more information on their work.  Click the picture above for an example of one of the classes they did teach for our club.